Are you a candidate for the Lap-Band?

The LAP-BAND® system is not for everyone, there are certain criteria in order for you to be eligible for the surgery.

Lap-Band Location
Illustration of the
Lap-Band® placed at the top
of the stomach

How to determine if the LAP-BAND® is right for you

There are many criteria that will help your physician determine whether the LAP-BAND® is a good solution for you. In order for you to be a viable candidate you must be between the ages of 18 and age 55. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) must be above 40. In cases where you may have other symptoms related to being overweight like a chronic cough, GERD or asthma (these are called co-morbidities) then you may be eligible for the surgery with a BMI as low as 35. Your health must be reasonably good and not have any permanent or severe medical conditions that would prevent you from having weight loss surgery. Prior to your surgery you will have a consultation with your doctor. He or she may require you to have several diagnostic exams; these may include a chest X-Ray, a blood or a urine test, an electrocardiogram (EKG) and perhaps an ultrasound. These tests may be necessary to determine your body's ability to have surgery and also to act as a baseline so that as you lose weight your doctor can measure your improvement.

How to determine your Body Mass Index

BMI is the most commonly used measure to determine level of obesity, By using a mathematical equation the BMI determines your approximate weight to height ratio. BMI is determined by dividing the square of your height in inches divided by your weight in pounds and the multiplying by 704.5. The resulting number determines your BMI, A BMI of 30 or more is thought by most health professionals as the threshold for obesity. A BMI of 40 or more indicates morbid obesity.

To save you the time and effort of doing all that math we have provided you with a BMI Calculator also you can attend a free Virtual Seminar and get all the info about the surgery in the comfort of your own home.

What the Lap-Band Can and Cannot do

Keep in mind that before you proceed that the Lap-Band is not a magic fix to the weight loss problem, it is merely a tool. This tool is just part of the many tools you will need in order to control your weight over the long haul. You don't miraculously start losing weight with the Lap-Band; you actually have to make an effort to eat well and think about everything that goes into your mouth. Why? Well because you now have a limited amount of space in your stomach for which to put food, therefore if you waste that precious space by putting junk into it then your weight loss will not be nearly as successful as you want. You must eat your proteins first, followed by fruits and vegetables otherwise you will find that you will have nutritional issues related to not getting enough "good calories" into each meal.

If you are not ready to make a commitment of this nature and you are not mentally prepared to make a change in your life then perhaps you are not ready for the Lap-Band yet. Many people fail at weight loss with the Lap-Band and they fail with the Gastric Bypass. The reason they fail is that they are not prepared to make the change. Whether you have the Lap-Band or the Gastric Bypass you can sit around all day and drink milk shakes and eat ice cream and the Lap-Band nor the Bypass will prevent you from doing so. Keep this in mind before contacting a surgeon or your insurance company because weight loss surgery is a very serious step to take and if you do not take it with the complete understanding and knowledge of what is required in order for you to be successful then you could fail.

Consider visiting a local support group (There are plenty of them in every state) and talk to folks who have had weight loss surgery and ask them what it takes to be successful. Ask how much you need to exercise, ask them when they know it's time to have an adjustment to their Lap-Band, ask what you should expect. You will find that Lap-Band patients who have had a great deal of success at weight loss will not only be extremely happy to tell you about it but they will quickly become your friend in the fight against obesity.


Weight Loss surgery is serious business and should not be undertaken lightly or without extensive research and forethought. Your Lap-Band surgeon will make sure you understand the ramifications of weight loss surgery and they will make sure you know what it takes to be successful. Many surgeons will require you to visit them monthly or attend support groups to keep you accountable to yourself and to a group. These are the kind of surgeons who care about their patients and have a vested interested in their success. Seek out these doctors and let them help you in your quest for a successful weight loss experience.