Cost of having Lap-Band® Weight Loss Surgery

There are many cost issues you will want to consider.

When you think about the cost of weight loss surgery, specifically the Lap-Band®, in addition to thinking about the cost of the actual procedure, think about the cost of everything else related to it.

Think about what you spend on food, think about what you spend on diet plans and their related expenses, think about what you pay in added medical expenses, then this will give you a better idea of whether a weight loss procedure is in your best interest.

Obesity is a disease that affects the entire country at a very high cost, based on 1998 estimates the health care costs associated with treating obese patients was 79 billion dollars, which is 102 billion in 2008 dollars. Obesity has probably surpassed smoking as the most expensive healthcare expense.

Here are some items that you may not consider in the cost of being overweight:

First there are the out of pocket expenses:

             Co-Pays associated with:

             Doctor's visits

             Over the Counter medications


             Laboratory tests

             Prescription Medications

Then you have the cost of programs not related to weight loss surgery like Curves, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers just to name a few.

             Then consider days missed from work,

             Food expenses like groceries and eating out.

What you will ultimately discover is that weight loss surgery is not that expensive when you consider what you spend on all of the items above.

Lap-Band® System Procedure Cost

There are many variables that affect the actual cost of the Lap-Band® weight loss procedure, the cost can be influenced by where you live, what type of insurance you have, whether the surgery is available locally or whether you would have to travel to get it done.

Many surgeons do the Lap-Band® surgery on an out-patient basis (go home the same day) but many do not have access to out-patient facilities so you may be forced to stay overnight and that also affects the cost.

Finally the cost can also be affected by whether your doctor or surgical facility is an "in-network provider"

On average, the cost of the Lap-Band® procedure, which would be inclusive of fees for your surgeon, facility and anesthesia would range from $10,000 to $29,000.

Some practices include the cost of fills in the surgery price and some may not. Some may require you to enroll in a wellness program where you can avail yourself of their nutritionists and exercise specialists.

Be sure to inquire as to what is included in the price of the surgery so you can know what to expect and make the best decisions for a successful outcome. If you can't get your insurance to cover the surgery or you can't pay it outright the best solution is to finance your surgery. It works just like a credit card. is one of the biggest and best providers for this kind of financing, we have included a link for you below to get started.

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Pre-Op Diagnostic Tests

If your surgery is not covered by your insurance there may be various diagnostic tests that your doctor will want you to have, these tests will vary by doctor and also by your overall condition and whether you have other medical issues like sleep apnea or diabetes.

Some tests that doctors usually require are blood tests, a chest X-Ray, a sleep apnea study if appropriate and an EKG (electrocardiograph) or psychological exam. These tests could cost anywhere from $500 to $1500 so be sure to discuss these costs with your doctor and/or bariatric coordinator before making the decision to have a weight loss procedure like the Lap-Band®.