Dealing with the Expectations of Others Post-Surgery

Having Lapband Weight loss surgery can be more complicated than you think

There are a number of concerns and issues that one must prepare for before deciding to undergo Lapband surgery. There are physical concerns with respect to the changes that will be taking place within your body and there are mental changes that have to be taken into consideration. Some issues are harder to plan for than others as it is hard to predict the exact changes that will occur. Accordingly, it is the mental changes that are much tougher to prepare yourself for as it is almost impossible to predict how your relationships with others will change post-surgery. Your relationships with others will differ, and it is the more valuable ones that will help you persevere. These are the relationships where you need to implement mutual support and pursue a positive and mutually-beneficial relationship.

Mutually Supportive

You are expecting your close friends and family's support and hope they will continue to support your decision to undergo weight loss surgery. It is important that you show this same support to them as well. This is a life changing transition for all of you, and you need to take the time to understand the feelings and changes that they may be going through as well. While some people around you will surely be worried that the surgical process may change more than your appearance, it is your duty to reassure them otherwise. Explain to those around you that the Lapband will allow you to be healthier and happier. In turn, this will allow you to play a more positive role in each of their lives.

Take Others into Consideration

It is clear that this process is something that you are doing to improve yourself, both body and mind. However, many people in this situation put too much focus on their needs and feelings and begin to ignore the needs of others. In order to communicate openly and help smooth the transition for everyone, you need to consider others and discuss their feelings as well as your own. Allow them to feel that they are a part of this and they will in turn, be much more supportive and it will help to break down any communication barriers.

Create a Plan and Stick with it

One of the major benefits to weight loss surgery is the increased energy and improved health that you will be feeling. Many people, after having the surgery, begin to take on all kinds of new activities and set new goals for themselves. While this can be a positive experience for you, these desires may come in direct conflict with your loved ones. Set less extravagant goals for yourself and do not try and change overnight. Offer to partake in some new activities that your friends enjoy, instead of simply expecting them to agree and try the new things that interest you. Making your relationships work is primarily about giving and taking and striking the right balance.

Respect and Compliment Those around You

After you achieve the success intended through the gastric band surgery, you are undoubtedly going to receive a lot of compliments. Many people around you will notice and appreciate the changes you have made, and treat you accordingly. You need to bear in mind that others love to hear compliments as well. Simply accepting compliments from others and never returning the favor can alienate even some of your closest friends. Appreciate and understand how good it feels when the ones you love compliment you, and share that feeling as often and as sincerely as you can.

Prepare Yourself for the Obstacles

As with any life altering event, weight loss surgery is going to bring about a lot of changes. Most of these will be positive and rewarding, but you need to be well prepared for the ones that are not. There may be times when a loved one does not understand your decision and this can create a stressful environment for you, and those around you. The best way to deal with this is to plan and be prepared. While it is very difficult to predict the reactions and thoughts of others, you will be much more prepared if you are expecting these obstacles and try to take them in stride. Remain supportive of others' opinions as best you can and understand their point of view. It is best to not overreact to the feelings of others and try and understand the negative feelings that others might be having. By understanding some of the difficulties those around you are going through, it will make the path to reconciliation much smoother.

The support and advice of people around you is a key aspect in terms of achieving post Lapband surgery success. You will be reliant on the support offered by the ones you love, but do not discount the fact that they will need support in return. Allow others to communicate their feelings and understand their positions. Reassure everyone that although you look and feel better, you are still the same person they know and love on the inside. Help them to realize that the changes you have made will provide an even steadier foundation for your relationships for the near and distant future.