Eating Healthy Throughout the Holidays

With the holiday season comes the temptation of food. It seems to be a part of every family gathering, festivity and party! For those patients who have undergone the Lap-Band® procedure, the holidays need to be approached with a similar healthy eating routine that has become adapted as part of your daily life, since the time of the Lap-Band® surgery.

Use these healthy eating tips to stay on track and conquer your weight loss goals, regardless of the temptations that come with the holiday season.

Fill-up on healthy snacks before the party begins Unfortunately, parties are not the place to find healthy treats and snacks. Most holidays parties are smorgasbords of fatty, high calorie and large portion sizes. Eating a healthy meal before attending the party can make you feel satisfied before the party, therefore avoiding the food which can prove detrimental to your weight loss goals.

Watch Portion Sizes

Using a smaller plate at functions with a buffet style service can cause you to feel satisfied sooner than using a large plate. Be sure to abide by the single trip rule, which will allow you to make one single trip to the buffet table. Although you are taking part in a holiday party, it is important to remember your weight loss goals throughout the celebration. Eating slowly can cause the body to feel full faster, keep this in mind while enjoying a leisurely dinner.

Research Healthy Recipes

Are you cooking for yourself, or friends and family members throughout the holiday season? There are hundreds of health recipes available for the dishes and comfort food that have come to be known throughout the holidays. Simple substitutions can create a dish lower in fat and calories and higher in fiber and vitamins. Contacting the surgeon's or dietitian's office can yield some useful substitutions when making your favorite recipes.

Avoid Empty Calories

Alcohol is laden throughout the holiday season. It is important to remember the empty calories that are associated with drinks. It is important to consume as little alcohol as possible, substituting with soda water, sparkling water and even ice water. Make drinks exciting with garnishes that would be found in alcoholic drinks like lemons, limes and other low calorie flavorings.

Remember the Holidays are about Family - not food

It may seem that every social function throughout the holidays gravitates around food, but the more important part is to be surrounded with friends and family members. Food should not be considered the focal point of the celebration, consider suggesting alternative get-togethers with family members, including active events such as brisk walk around the block, or a trip to the local ski hill. This is a great way to keep your weight loss on track.

Maintaining your healthy eating habits throughout the holidays doesn't have to be difficult. Setting limits, short term goals and realizing the gravity of the situation can lead to weight maintenance and even weight loss throughout the holiday season! The Lap-Band® was a gift to yourself, and should be celebrated for the effects that your diligence can bring.