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Adult woman with smartwatch sits on floor at home and adjusts weights

Cardio Vs. Weightlifting: What’s Better for Weight Loss?

After your Lap-Band® surgery, exercise will become an important component of your weight-loss journey.   The most important aspect to losing weight is the assistance from the Lap-Band to help …
Cropped image of woman marking liver disease in medical questionnaire

Obesity & Liver Disease | Comorbidities for Obese Individuals

Most people know that obesity increases your risk for several serious conditions and diseases. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and osteoarthritis are some of …
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The Lap-Band® vs. Gastric Sleeve: 10 Year Comparison

When choosing the right weight-loss surgery option for you, it’s important to consider not only the short-term results but the long-term success, as well. With bariatric procedures like the gastric…
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Loose Skin After Lap-Band® Weight-Loss Surgery

For those considering a bariatric procedure like the Lap-Band® surgery, loose skin is a common concern. While usually a cosmetic preference, loose skin can also cause health problems, like chaffing…
Eating after Lap-Band Surgery Infographic

Eating During Lap-Band® Surgery Recovery

When considering or preparing for the Lap-Band® surgery, one of the most common questions patients have is about what and when they can eat during recovery. In order to allow your stomach to heal p…
Female doctor in white lab coat hair using her stethoscope to listen to the heart of female patient in COVID-19 mask and yellow shirt. They sit at a table with a laptop and paperwork in front of them.

What You Need to Know About COVID-19 and Obesity

Obesity is linked to a number of health risks, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. Experts are also finding that obesity is linked to severe COVID-19 complications and hospitaliz…

Recovering from Bariatric Surgery

Undergoing surgery can be a nerve-wracking process no matter how simple the procedure is. There’s also the fear of what recovery will look like and the pain that may be associated with it. Learn mo…
Dr. Belachew in surgical mask

Tribute to Influential Founder

Professor Mitiku Belachew was born in June of 1942 in a small village near Ghion, Ethiopia. The exact date is unclear as his birth wasn’t registered until he entered school for the first time at th…

How Does the Lap-Band® Program Work?

Are you looking for a little bit more information about the Lap-Band® Program before you decide to find a surgeon in your area to schedule a consultation? We get it! It can be a scary decision, but…