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doctors preparing for surgery in the background with a tray of tools in the foreground

Is Bariatric Surgery Safe?

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding bariatric surgery, and it’s likely that some of what you’ve heard is mere hearsay. But if you’re ready to pursue bariatric surgery to change your life f…
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Will I Need Supplements After Bariatric Surgery?

There are a few questions you must ask yourself before you pursue bariatric surgery, such as, How will my life change? Am I ready to make a lifetime commitment to a healthier lifestyle? Which baria…
Graphic Representing World Obesity Day with Blue Outlines Over a Person

What Causes Obesity?

Each year on March 4, we recognize World Obesity Day. Recognized internationally, the day is designed to raise awareness about the obesity epidemic and provide individuals with obesity helpful info…
medicine pills from a pill bottle laying in the shape of a heart and heart monitor

The Link Between Heart Disease and Obesity

Obesity has an impact on the quality of life, but it can also make you more at risk for life-threatening disease like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. February is National American Heart Month….
Refrigerator drawer full of vegetables and healthy food

Understanding Food Cues

How often do you pay attention to food cues? Do you understand what causes you to reach for a snack or a second portion of dinner? Food cues are any kind of stimuli that trigger a food-related resp…
Fruits and vegetables weight loss chart

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Is the scale stuck in one spot? If you can’t get that stubborn number to go down, you might be wracking your brain to figure out what you’ve been doing wrong. If you are struggling to lose weight, …
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What are my Weight-Loss Surgery Options?

Are you ready to consider weight-loss surgery? There is plenty of research to comb through, so we’ve created a quick guide to help you understand your options before making your choice. Gastric Byp…
Weight loss surgery patient info apple

What is BMI and Why Does it Matter?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is an easily calculable number if you know your height and weight. Despite it being so easy to calculate, there is a lot of controversy surrounding BMI. Many people don’t know…
Weird Weight-Loss Beliefs

Weird Weight-Loss Beliefs

Chances are, if you’ve done any sort of research about how to lose weight—whether you searched for recipes or physical activity plans—you’ve gotten more than a few ads promising weight-loss cures. …