Paying for your Surgery

Consider these additional payment options

You have decided that the Lap-Band® procedure is right for you, now you have to determine the best way to pay for the surgery. Sadly not all insurance companies have realized the value to the folks who are covered by their plan so many potential patients cannot get their insurance plan to cover their weight loss surgery.

You may also find that many insurance companies may only cover the gastric bypass and that may not be the best solution for you.

First you have to determine definitively if your insurance company will pay for your surgery, and this is done by contacting your insurance carrier and making sure that you document every conversation that you have with them, be sure to get their name, date and time you spoke to them and their direct phone number should you have further questions.

Insurance companies use special codes for every surgery, procedures and condition, the code for the Lap-Band® surgery is:

Lap Gastric Banding: 43770

When you mention this code your insurance carrier will look it up and tell you whether you have coverage or not for this procedure. If you get positive feedback from your insurance company then you have a lot to be happy about. You need not do anything further with your insurance company but be sure to give a copy of the documentation available for your doctor's practice so that they can get official surgical authorization from them when the time is right. Once that is done you are ready to have your surgery and the rest is up to you and your doctor.

But what if your insurance company denies you coverage? Then what?

Well there are many options available to you, some you may already know about and some may come as a surprise.

There is the obvious options like making a lump sum payment from your savings, but consider these options also:

You can borrow from your 401K account to pay for your surgery.

You can finance your surgery with a credit card

You can use funds from your flexible spending account.

You can get a loan from your bank

And the most popular option lately has been to get a medical procedure loan from a company that specializes in financing these types of surgery.

Companies like CareCredit (

Med Loan Finance (

1-800-My-Surgeon (

My Medical Loan (

Just to name a few, many offer low interest rates and payment plans that range from 24 to 84 month plans. Many of the plans also have same as cash plans where you can finance your procedure interest free for up to 18 months.