Lap-Band® Pre-Op Diet

Because of the increased popularity of the Lap-Band® weight loss surgery mostly due to the shorter recovery times and the ability to adjust the band after the surgery has been completed.

Despite the fact that the surgery is less invasive and there is no stomach cutting or re-routing like the gastric bypass there are still some pre-operative procedures that need to be followed so that your surgery will go smoothly and with few complications.

Before your surgery your doctor will give you strict dietary instructions that will have to be followed. Since the majority of the process involves your doctor operating around your stomach you will have to be fully compliant with the doctors requirements. Failure to follow the diet could delay your surgery until you have fulfilled the requirements.

Liquid Diet

The key reason for the pre-op diet is to lower the fat content in your liver, this will serve several purposes, the first is to make it easier for your surgeon to operate and because of that it also will reduce your recovery time and allow you to be more successful in your weight loss.

Your pre-op diet will usually start several weeks before your procedure, during this time your doctor will have you refrain from as many carbohydrates as possible, so you will be avoiding foods like potatoes, breads, pasta and rice. These foods are too complex and cause your body to work too hard to break them down. Your goal will be to increase your protein level thus reducing sugar levels and preparing your liver for surgery.

As your surgery day approaches your doctor will likely put you on a liquid diet that consists of clear liquids and liquid protein mixes. This will further lower the fat content in your liver, also the less fatty tissue you have around your stomach area prior to surgery the less bleeding you will have during surgery, while a little bleeding is normal, a lower fat diet prior to surgery will minimize bleeding even further.

Again it is very important that you follow the diet closely, as once you have the Lap Band surgery you will likely follow the diet in reverse starting with liquids, adding proteins and then finally getting back to more normal diet, which of course will be smaller in volume due to the addition of the Lap-Band®.All this info and more is covered in the free Online Virtual Seminar you can find here.