Questions to Ask before you have Surgery

Important things you should ask before committing to having surgery.

Deciding to have weight loss surgery is a big step in your life, making sure you locate the right doctor who is ready and able to do you surgery is something you should take very seriously. Remember that as the patient you are responsible for being well informed and you should not be reluctant to ask as many questions as is necessary to make you feel good about your journey. To that end we are providing a short list of questions you should ask your potential surgeon and members of his/her practice in order for you to feel at ease with your choices.

Are you board certified to do the Lap-Band® Surgery?

How many Lap-Band® procedures have you done?

How long will the procedure take?

Can you explain the risks associated with the Lap-Band® procedure?

How long will it take me to recover?

How long until I can go back to work?

What will my diet be for the first 90 days following surgery?

What activities should I avoid after surgery and for how long?

Do you have a support program in place for your Lap-Band® patients?

Will my insurance cover the cost of the surgery or of follow up visits?

Will I have to take supplements or vitamins after surgery?

Questions to Ask

How will I have to change my eating habits after surgery?

When can I resume taking medications?

How soon after surgery do you want to see me for a follow up visit?

Is there possibly a better weight surgery for me?

When can I resume exercise?

What tests do I have to have prior to surgery?

Will I need to have a special diet before surgery?

What kind of anesthesia will I be getting?

How will I manage my pain after surgery?

Do you have other Lap-Band® patients that I can talk to?

Do you have a video or presentation that I can watch that shows the surgery?

Do you specialize in the Lap-Band® or do you perform other procedures as well?

Do you perform other gastric band procedures?

Will you be using the Lap-Band® device specifically for me?

How much weight should I expect to lose in the first month?

Is the surgery being done at a surgery center or at a hospital?

When can I attend a seminar about the Lap-Band®?

How often will I have to see the doctor over the next year and at what cost?

Will you notify my primary care doctor about the procedure?

Do you need any of my medical records prior to surgery?

When should I have my first adjustment/ fill?