Recovering from Weight Loss Surgery

The first month of recovery after weight-loss surgery is a very important time period for you. Everything you do will help you towards a successful transition to a slimmer you. LAP-BAND surgery is a slower process for losing weight that requires healthy eating habits and a good excercise program. Learn to follow a more healthy life style for a more successful weight-loss goal.

First week

After surgery, you will start the healing process. In your first week your diet will mostly consist of mushy food and clear liquids. Be sure to stick with the doctors suggested diet to prevent vomiting and to ensure proper healing. To regain your strength, you should start to walk if only for a few steps at a time as this will help in preventing blood clots. It is common to experience some pain and discomfort. Soreness shouldn't last longer than a few days. If the pain continues then you should consult your weight-loss surgeon.

Second and third week

During your second and third week you will see your weight-loss surgeon who will have plenty of questions for you about how your first week went. Your surgeon will help you to establish a good diet and exercise plan for the coming weeks determined by how well you did in your previous week.

Recovery weeks four and five

During the last couple of weeks of recovery, your weight-loss surgeon will allow you to start eating some solid foods. This diet will most likely consist of mashed potatoes, chicken, fish and other soft vegetables. Some foods such as red meats, rice and bread may be too difficult to digest at this time so its a really good idea to avoid these types of foods. All foods should be chewed thoroughly to break it down so it can pass through your Lap-Band without any difficulties.

After about 5 weeks you should have your first Lap-Band adjustment and a new diet plan to follow. Your doctor will also talk more about your long term weight-loss goals and how to meet those goals. After a few months your doctor will follow up and consult with you about your eating habits to determine if your Lap-Band is adjusted properly. Don't forget to meet with your support group to help you with any emotional obstacles involving your weight-loss goals. Be patient and understand that it takes time to reach your weight-loss goals. Allow yourself time for recovery and slowly start enjoying a transition into a more healthy lifestyle.