Telling People you have had Lap-Band Surgery

Sometimes it may be in your best interest to keep quiet

Do you tell people you've had Lap-Band Surgery?

You have done all the research, worked hard on changing your lifestyle, and gone through with Lap-Band surgery. Now, people are telling you that you look great and comment on how much weight you have lost. Inevitably, the topic will come up - you know the conversation where people ask you how you lost all that weight. And then you wonder - should I tell them about the surgery or not?

Deciding whether or not to tell others about your gastric band is really a personal choice and you will have to decide whether the benefits of telling others about your Lap-Band surgery outweigh the negatives. Some people feel as though the issue is a personal one and opt to take a few weeks vacation from their jobs telling only their closest friends and families. Others speak openly about their Lap-Band procedure. There are pros and cons regardless of whether or not you decide to tell anyone.

The Upside of Telling People you've had Lap-Band Surgery

If you do your research and visit a number of the forums surrounding weight loss surgery, you will find there are mixed feelings about telling others about your surgery. However, you may also notice that those who have decided to go ahead and be more open about the procedure, the support has usually been overwhelmingly positive.

Probably, the biggest benefit of telling people about your Lap-Band surgery is the support you get. Most people who struggle with weight loss often find that they are discriminated against by those who do not understand the effort it takes to keep the weight off for good. People are inclined to be more sympathetic to your cause if they understand what you are going through.

Often, friends, family, and coworkers will acknowledge that you are really making an effort to lose weight when you talk about your decision to get the gastric band. Therefore, the response is usually positive and supportive. Plus, being open and honest about your weight loss efforts can help lift the burden of struggling with weight loss in isolation.

Downside of Telling People you've had Lap-Bad Surgery

On the flip side of the coin, if you are a very private individual, you may not want to let others know about your Lap-Band surgery. While most people are supportive, there are always those few who are negative about everything, including your efforts to lose weight via surgery. You may simply decide that these negative people are just not worth the risk of letting everyone know about your Lap-Band surgery.

You can still find the support you need even if you decide not to tell people about your Lap-Band surgery. There are numerous forums and support groups online and your doctor can help point you in the right direction as well. You get the best of both worlds - you retain your anonymity and you get the support you need as well.


Ultimately, the decision to let others know about your weight loss surgery is a highly personal one. You will have to decide whether the benefits outweigh the risks for yourself. Before deciding whether or not to tell people you have had Lap-Band surgery, you should take some time to really think about it since both your emotional and physical well being could be at stake.

Think about whether the person you will tell will be supportive whether you are successful in your weight loss or whether they may be judgmental if the weight loss does not go the way you want it to. Many weight loss surgery patients will confide in only a small group of people where others will be almost evangelical about the process. They will tell the world and they are not afraid who knows it. There is also a breakdown along gender lines. Most men don't care who knows, and women take the prospect of disclosure more personal and between the two may be less likely to let strangers know unless they think the person they are telling may benefit from the surgery or someone close to them may be able to find help from weight loss surgery.

Think it over, evaluate your audience and then be comfortable with you decision on who to tell about your surgery, even if you decide to tell the world about your Lap-Band, tell them slowly, let it happen over the course of normal discussions, hopefully discussions that start with "Wow you look wonderful, how did you lose all that weight?"